Erfoud, a huge oasis, is situated in the very centre of the Tafilalet, cradle of the Alaouite dynasty. The charm of its well-ordered streets, with the traditionnal houses "en pisé", instantly bathes you in the atmosphere. There, you find yourself deep amidst the real Moroccan countryside, where hospitality is at the basis of all things.

In October Erfoud becomes the capital city. For three days running, the town comes to life for the Guetna celebrations, to mark the end of the dates harvesting period. Folk dances and competitions for the most beautiful dates attract thousands of visitors.

But Erfoud is also and above all the last city before reaching the desert. The Kasbah Hotel Said is only another 13 miles away from there. Set like a jewel on the edges of the dunes, the resort awaits your arrival to be the first to offer you a tea in the desert. And tomorrow, rested and serene, you'll probably leave your room bright and early in the morning to go and admire the rising sun over the dunes of the Chebbi erg .The sight is spectacular.


Before you leave Erfoud, you must stop by at the famous " Café Restaurant du Sud " , chez Saïd (recommended by "Le Guide du Routard"). It is in fact the annex of the Kasbah Hôtel Saïd. You'll be welcomed there with a bright smile to enable you to discover the art of the Saharan cuisine. And, of course, you'll be explained how to get to the Kasbah, on the road to Merzouga.