22 miles South East from Erfoud, the Chebbi erg is the highest and largest dune in the Moroccan Sahara. Its golden waves like dunes spread over 25 miles. The highest of them rise above 492 feet high. At sunrise ans sunset, when the sand reveals its magnificient orangy colours the desert deploys the most enchanting of sceneries. It's then that magic works its wonders, and one simply can't help but coming back to it...

You will also be able to listen to the chant of the dunes that occur during avalanches produced by the wind.

Simulation: leg pushes

And then, far over there, amidst the dunes, you may get the chance to fall upon the unique oasis of the Chebbi erg, guarded by Lahcen, the tea master.

The chant of the dunes was recorded by Douady/morphogénèse LPS/ENS team from the CNRS.