4x4 trips in the dunes

or around the area


For all those who, on arrival at the gates of the desert, will feel irresistibly attracted by the vastness of the desert, by the call of the sand and the tracks, the Kasbah Hotel Saïd offers 4x4 excursions, lasting from one to several days. Except for mehari trips, this is the only other way to go further down South where the tracks become unfit to travel on or stop altogether.

Thus embarked, you'll discover the magical oases of the wild Moroccan South: Taouz, Er Remlia, Oum Jrane,..., the nomads' tents, the dromadaries herds,..., all of the desert's treasures.


The view is always magical, and children are sure to be enchanted by the adventure.

Obviously, you can also discover the wild South by motocycle, in which case, the Kasbah becomes a most precious stoppover, the last one before the desert.